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    Audits and checklists

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    Audits and checklists

Audits and checklists

eplas Audits and Checklists

Create checklists and use them for planned events, e. g. planned audits, tours, and reviews or for “spontaneous” needs such as reporting an incident, requesting new PPE, inspection protocols, etc. The possibilities are endless! Define workflows and map simple or complex process scenarios – from simple PPE applications, practical training outcomes monitoring, feedback forms following a training session / (internal or external) event to complex applications for hazardous substances or the reporting of an accident within the company. Do you need additional input fields in eplas? You can easily create and use these with the help of our editor.

  • Comprehensive measure management with escalation functions
  • Attach comments, images, and documents
  • Use of dependency displays, display and editing functions according to authorisation / role
  • Carry out calculations in the checklist
  • Comprehensive workflow management

Comprehensive action management with escalation functions

Use of dependency displays, display and editing functions according to authorisation / role

Carry out calculations in the checklist

Comprehensive workflow management

Inspections / audits e. g. safety-promoting tours, TPM etc.

For surveys (anonymous or personalised, mandatory or voluntary)

Mapping of simple and complex approval processes e.g. with regard to hazardous substances

To create your own evaluation matrix (e. g. NOHL)

A complete list of features can be found here

Audit management

  • Process / system / product audits in accordance with DIN EN ISO or T S
  • Compliance audit
  • 1st and 2nd party audits
  • Review management
  • Safety audit
  • Checklist management
  • Waste Walk


  • Centralised merging of all measures and audits in a personal dashboard - clear, simple, and intuitive
  • Open your to do's directly from the dashboard or your email notification


  • Planning and scheduling of audits, tours, and reviews on the basis of fixed appointments or on a recurring basis in freely definable cycles
  • Integrated mail function to inform the responsible persons and executor

Checklists and questionnaires

Create your audit checklists and questionnaires on the basis of existing templates or according to your own requirements. Due to the open and flexible design, it’s even possible to map complex questionnaires. In the process you can choose from a variety field templates:

  • Multiple choices (freely definable, e. g. yes / no / not applicable)
  • Headings / dividing lines
  • Short texts / long texts / formatted texts
  • Individual dropdowns (freely definable, e. g. please select / yes / no ...)
  • Numbers, date and time fields
  • Sliders, e. g. for
    • Point systems
    • Marks
    • Percentage entries
  • Checkboxes / radio buttons
  • SQL queries / access to as many eplas areas in as needed. (e. g. choice of employees)
  • Variables / calculations / time recording/ buttons
  • Automated questionnaire evaluation
  • Generation of any number of measures for questions
    Processing and monitoring by means of integrated measure management

Ad hoc measures

  • Work through checklists ad hoc and react to events spontaneously
  • Create tasks and assign them to responsible persons and executors

eplas Brochure

Download the eplas brochure here.

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