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eplas What you should know about data collection

eplas is an occupational health and safety management solution for the areas of quality assurance and environmental protection which can be used in all areas all the way up to QM-effective testing and was awarded the IT Innovation Award for Medium-Sized Business Initiatives in the area of e-learning at Cebit 2011. The individual modules Blended Learning, Hazardous Substance Management, Hazard Assessment, Work & Operating Equipment, Audits & Checklists, and Health Management access common master data. Sensitive data is stored in encrypted form in the master data bank. The health management module data is additionally secured and encrypted separately.

Data in a functional system

  • Assigned training themes / dates / documents
  • Training topic status
    o open o completed (valid until)
  • Feedback on completed training sessions (can be carried out anonymously)
  • Training contents at the time of execution (audit-proof, in accordance with statutory provisions)
  • Complete question and answer catalogue
  • Consultation during training

Master data


  • Last name
  • First name
  • Personnel number
  • Password (can be changed by the employee)
  • Employee's area of responsibility
    (freely selectable definition in eplas for the assignment of training topics)
  • Department (to map the departmental hierarchy)
  • Responsibility (only for supervisors, for mapping the departmental hierarchy)


  • Email address
  • Chip ID
  • Active / inactive
  • External employee / internal employee
  • Language
  • Company (for external employees)
  • Employee photo
  • Configurable administration rights for each employee
  • Other fields, which can be supplemented as required

Data NOT recorded

  • Number of attempts to solve a topic
  • Number of correct / wrong answers
  • Which questions were answered incorrectly
  • Period of time required by the employee to carry out a training session
  • Employee login or log out times
  • Tracking of anonymous feedback back to the employee is impossible.

EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT is not possible via eplas. Data that could be used for this purpose is not collected.

TLS / SSL encryption via https should be used to ensure the secure transfer of data between the server and your browser.

Exception – Health Management

In the Health Management module, it is necessary to enter personal data including date of birth and private address in addition to the existing data (first name, surname, personnel number) for the administration of accident reports as well as recommended, mandatory or preventive healthcare examinations.

The following precautions have been taken against unauthorised access:
  • The data in question is stored in a separate table separate from the employee data.
  • The data is encrypted in accordance with AES 256-bit guidelines with a customer-specific key and can only be decrypted with this key.
  • Access is only granted to authorised users via the immediate entering of the password.
There are separate user authorisations for health management, especially for those areas where the data can be viewed:
  • Certain data, such as in the employee master record, can only be viewed with appropriate authorisation and by re-entering the user password.
  • The data cannot be viewed outside the Health Management module.
  • The logging of an accident report, which may have to be carried out by anyone, does not contain any of the data concerned.

Microsoft Internet Information Services

Microsoft SQL Server / SQL Express

html, php and. NET technology

Browser-based user and administration interface

No client software required

All common browsers are supported

Integration of PowerPoint files and videos possible without conversion

Can be used on your network or as a hosted solution at the data centre
Training sessions
Training sessions
Work & operating equipment
Work & operating equipment
Operating instructions
Operating instructions
Audits &Checklisten
Audits &
Accident management
Accident management
Risk assessments
Risk assessments
Hazardous material management
Hazardous material management
Preventive occupational healthcare
Preventive occupational healthcare
Legal database services
Legal database services
Environmental and energy management
Environmental and energy management
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